SMSF Revolution: Exploring the Latest Retirement Trends

The Big Picture

Picture this, a staggering 614,705 SMSFs have been established according to the latest ATO data, each SMSF establishment is a testament to the growing popularity of SMSF investing.

What truly makes these numbers come alive is that the over 600,000 SMSFs are made up of 1,146,724 individuals actively steering their financial destinies within these funds.

Gender Dynamics

In a refreshing departure from tradition, SMSF demographics reveal a balanced gender distribution, with 53% male and 47% female members, signalling inclusivity in retirement savings.

Total Choice

SMSF investors have incredible choices with where they are able to invest their SMSF.

Currently, SMSF investors can invest in the following:

  • Shares
  • Property
  • Cash, Term Deposits and Debt Securities
  • Unique Investments (Collectables)

Looking For Real Choice

For investors looking for a choice they can trust, consider SMSF property investment in new house and land builds with Supavest.

Don’t have enough money in your super? Have you heard about our fractional property investment solution SAFE Property?

Get in touch with our team to begin your journey today!


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