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Start today and build your new investment property using your Self Managed Superannuation

Explore new opportunities for your SMSF in property investment with recent Superannuation changes. Traditionally a secure investment, property was out of reach due to restrictions on two-part contracts. At Supavest OCP, we've overcome this hurdle by establishing a two-part contract with the builder, allowing investors a simplified one-part contract with us. Seize control of your superannuation and unlock the potential of your property investment portfolio.
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One Simple Contract

Our one contract allows you to finally purchase property with your superannuation.

SMSF Investment

It has never been easier to purchase a brand new home and land through your SMSF.

Zero Limitations

As the investor, it’s your total choice: choice of location, choice of land, choice of builder.

Take Action

There’s no better time to start than right now.


What is a single-part contract in property investment?

A single-part contract in property investment streamlines the process with a direct agreement between the investor and the property provider. This eliminates the need for intermediary contracts, providing a transparent structure for building property in your SMSF. Enjoy a clear breakdown of all construction costs, ensuring full visibility and eliminating hidden fees.

How does a single-part contract differ from a two-part contract?

Unlike a two-part contract, a single-part contract streamlines the engagement process by establishing a direct agreement between the investor and the property provider, reducing complexities.

What are the benefits of using a single-part contract in property investment?

Single-part contracts offer simplicity, transparency, and ease of engagement for investors, providing a clear pathway to enter the property market.

Can I diversify my investment portfolio with a single-part contract?

Yes, single-part contracts empower investors to diversify their portfolios by simplifying the process of engaging in various property investments.

Are there any specific restrictions on property types with a single-part contract?

Generally, single-part contracts provide flexibility, allowing investors to participate in a variety of property types based on their investment preferences.

How does a single-part contract simplify the property buying process?

A single-part contract streamlines the entire transaction by consolidating all terms and conditions in one document, providing clarity and efficiency for both buyers and sellers.

What advantages do single-part contracts offer for property buyers?

Single-part contracts offer buyers a straightforward and comprehensive agreement, reducing paperwork and making the buying process more accessible and user-friendly.

In what ways can a single-part contract enhance the buyer-seller relationship?

By offering a clear and concise document, a single-part contract fosters transparency and trust between buyers and sellers, promoting a positive and cooperative relationship throughout the transaction.

How does the use of a single-part contract contribute to a smoother settlement process?

A single-part contract ensures that all details, including settlement terms, are clearly outlined, facilitating a seamless and stress-free transition of ownership during the settlement process.

What makes special conditions in a single-part contract beneficial for buyers?

Special conditions in a single-part contract allow buyers to tailor the agreement to their unique needs, providing flexibility and ensuring a positive and accommodating purchasing experience.

How does legal representation enhance the buyer's experience with a single-part contract?

While not mandatory, legal representation offers buyers peace of mind, ensuring that their interests are protected, and the single-part contract aligns with legal standards, fostering a positive and secure buying experience.

Can a single-part contract contribute to a smoother property handover process?

Yes, by detailing all necessary information in one document, a single-part contract contributes to a seamless property handover, minimizing potential complications and promoting a positive transfer of ownership.

How can buyers ensure a positive experience when using a single-part contract?

Buyers can ensure a positive experience by carefully reviewing the single-part contract, seeking professional advice if needed, and maintaining open communication with the seller to address any questions or concerns.

What benefits does the clarity of deposit handling in a single-part contract offer to buyers?

The clear handling of the deposit in a single-part contract provides buyers with confidence and transparency, ensuring a positive financial aspect of the property purchase.

How does the dispute resolution process outlined in a single-part contract foster a positive buyer-seller relationship?

The inclusion of a dispute resolution process in a single-part contract demonstrates a commitment to fair and amicable problem-solving, promoting a positive and cooperative relationship between buyers and sellers.

What happens to distributions of assets from an SMSF when members die before retirement and post-retirement?

Assets in the SMSF are sold with current tax obligations and then the cash is distributed as per the last will and testament.

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