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Are you ready to secure an investment property that offers passive income? Introducing SAFE Property.

The authority in property investment!SAFE Property redefines the investment game and levels the playing field by allowing you to invest alongside like-minded individuals.

Opening the door to property investment, without the need to buy a whole property.

The SAFE Property Edge

Investor Teamwork: Pool resources with others to invest in prime properties.

Property Ownership: Secure properties collectively.

Streamlined Returns: Rental income is distributed based on your investment. It's simple and transparent.

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Why wait? SAFE Property fast-tracks your entry into the property market, especially for younger investors.

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SAFE Property FAQs

How many investors are needed for SAFE Property? 
Supavest owns a 65% stake in the property, therefore, one investor is needed to begin a SAFE Property journey. However, the total number of investors that can invest is seven.

What if one of the investors wants to sell their share of the property? 
Due to the nature of the investment, Supavest gets the first right to refusal, however, if the offer is declined, the client can go to the open market to sell their share.

Who do I contact about selling my share?
For any enquiries about selling your share in a property, get in touch with the Supavest team to discuss your options.

Can I purchase more than a 5% share?
For investors that have access to the necessary funding, it is possible to purchase a share larger than 5%. Get in touch with the team at Supavest to discuss your options.

Do I have to pay any maintenance fees once a tenant moves in?
Since Supavest is the majority owner of the investment property, no further ongoing costs or maintenance fees are necessary for SAFE Property investors.

Where is SAFE Property currently building?
At Supavest we understand the power of choice, this is why under SAFE Property, we make it possible to invest anywhere across Australia.

How often is my rental returns paid?
Rental returns are paid monthly to investors, either inside or outside of super. Depending on the investor's route to investment.

Is this available outside of super? 
We completely understand that not everyone has the necessary funds inside their super to invest in property. This is why SAFE Property is an investment avenue that is available both inside and outside of super.

What is the deposit amount? $2,500 EOI then contracts issued and balance of SAFE Property share due on exchange of contract.
A $2,500 EOI is needed, after this deposit is processed contracts are then issued and the balance of the SAFE Property is paid in exchange of the contract. 

What type of properties does SAFE Property invest/build?
SAFE Property builds NDIS houses as well as rooming houses. These types of properties are historically and statistically proven to offer high-yield rental returns.

Can I use the SAFE Property as security against obtaining finance?
Due to the nature of the investment, SAFE Properties can not be used as security against obtaining finance. For any further questions as to why, please get in touch with our team.

How do I stay updated on the performance of my SAFE Property investments?
SAFE Property ensures that the property manager of each specific property writes up a monthly statement about the property, as well as a quarterly inspection report.

Can I live in a property I've invested in through SAFE Property?
Due to the nature of the investment, you can not live in a SAFE Property. 

What happens if a property remains unoccupied for an extended period?
Supavest will cover the first three months of any vacancy if a property remains unoccupied for any calendar year. 

Are there any tax implications for SAFE Property investors?
In regards to the investor's tax obligation, both income and capital gains tax will be the responsibility of the entity that purchases the investment property. In the case of SAFE Property, whether the investment is made inside or outside of super, the investor is responsible for each unique tax obligation.

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