Top Six Reasons to Begin Your SMSF Property Investment Journey

Investing in Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) properties comes with a range of benefits that can significantly enhance your investment returns. 

Here are six compelling reasons why SMSF property investment might be the perfect addition to your investment portfolio:

1. Enjoy 15% Income Tax Rate

One of the key attractions of investing in SMSF properties is the low-income tax rate. Unlike personal income tax rates that can reach up to 45%, SMSFs benefit from a mere 15% income tax rate on investment property income. This substantially reduces the tax burden on your rental income, allowing you to retain more of your investment returns.

2. Benefit from a Minimal 10% Capital Gains Tax

Capital gains tax (CGT) can eat into your investment profits, but with SMSF properties, you'll enjoy a minimal 10% CGT rate. This favourable rate applies when you sell your SMSF investment property after holding it for more than 12 months. 

3. Tax-Free Rental Income and Capital Gains in Retirement

The tax advantages of SMSF properties extend even further in retirement. Once you retire, both rental income and capital gains derived from your SMSF property investments become 100% tax-free. 

4. Enjoy a 100% Tax Cut Post-Retirement

In addition to tax-free rental income and capital gains, post-retirement, you'll also benefit from a complete tax cut on these earnings. This ensures that your retirement income remains unaffected by tax obligations, allowing you to make the most of your SMSF property investments and maintain financial security throughout your retirement years.

5. Tax-Deductible Interest on Loans

Another significant advantage of investing in SMSF properties is the tax-deductible interest on loans. Any interest paid on loans used to finance SMSF property investments is tax-deductible, reducing your overall tax liability and increasing your investment's profitability.

6. Unlock Enhanced Buying Potential

With the capability to accommodate up to six members, your Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) offers the opportunity to pool capital resources. 


Are you looking to begin your SMSF property investment journey? Get in touch with the team at Supavest!


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