The New Era Of The Reserve Bank Of Australia

The RBA Is In A New Era

The Reserve Bank Of Australia has proven to be a thorn in the back of countless individuals and collectives who eagerly await the news of impending interest rate hikes. 

In 2023, change was offered in the form of Michele Bullock, the new Governor of the RBA. 

Bullock was seen as a breath of fresh air due to her unique approach which sees her estimated six million-dollar property completely reject funding from the big banks. 

Bullock according to her financial disclosure documents also has an SMSF and understands the importance of retirement planning inside of your super. 

Michele Bullock is undoubtedly a positive candidate to govern the RBA for SMSF property investors due to her pro-property stance and the fact that she has an SMSF.

However, only time will tell whether she is just another cog in the machine or the change SMSF property investors are looking for.

Luckily for countless Australians, the aforementioned question has already been answered. 

Starting 2024 With A Bang

Under Bullock, the revamped RBA has already announced its first major decision for 2024. 

The revamp will see the RBA board meet eight times a year instead of eleven, a huge revelation for countless individuals. 

The RBA released further good news, announcing that the cash rate will be left unchanged at 4.35%. 

Will 2024 continue to see positive changes? We truly hope so! 

Blocks showing 2023 changing to 2024.


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